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Antenna Solver (copyright 1999, 2002 by Dr. David Fluckiger, KJ5AT) calculates the current density and charges for general wire structures including surfaces. It provides extensive graphical display capability of calculated results including 2D and 3D plots with numerous editing features. The code is written entirely in C++ for Windows 95 and greater and NT4.0 (service pack 3.0) and greater. The OS must be OpenGL compliant (upgrades and service patches to Windows are provided by Microsoft). 

Antenna Solver User Interface:

The user interface, graphical editing functions, and extensive data display capabilities permit detailed analysis of antenna radiation patterns, of near, far, and ground wave (E and H) fields, as well as currents, and charge densities. The Antenna Solver graphical user interface (comprising the majority of the code) provides much greater flexibility in the construction, analysis, and interpretation of radiating structures than NEC alone. 

Antenna Solver calculation engine

The Antenna Solver calculation engine (algorithms) are modeled directly on the public domain NEC2 code (Numerical Electromagnetics Code - Method of Moments) from the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. The original NEC2 code was written in FORTRAN, and that user interface is control card deck oriented. The NEC2 algorithms in Antenna Solver have been entirely rewritten in C++, using dynamic array allocation. Code entry points have been generalized, allowing for more dynamic, event driven interaction. The basic assumptions within the NEC2 integration routines leads to some compromises which are fairly well understood, and documented in the relevant literature. My goal in writing Antenna Solver was to make the power of these algorithms available to the interested professional and non professional through a generalized, event driven, graphical interface. All NEC2 calculation features are accessible within Antenna Solver.

Full Feature Free Download

Antenna Solver is available FREE of charge.

Antenna Solver Help Files

The Help files that are distributed with Antenna Solver include several step-by-step (click-by-click) examples that explore many Antenna Solver features.

Additional Antenna Solver Features:

  • Complex loading of any wire segment including 4 port networks, transmission lines, and discrete components
  • Voltage and current source excitation
  • Polar plots of radiation gains
  • Plots of radiated/input power, network losses, structure losses
  • Visual display of current magnitudes and charge densities
  • Numerous ground models, including integrated Norton Sommerfeld kernel
  • Automatic generation of Helixes, Spiral, and Conical winds
  • Read/Write NEC2 geometry files
  • Maximum coupling calculation
  • Multiple simultaneous analysis of any variety of structures
  • Memory arrays limited only by computer RAM
Antenna Solver is currently available free of charge.

From time to time I upgrade Antenna Solver. If you have suggestions I'd like to hear about them. Send an e-mail to with 'Antenna Solver' in the subject line.

This page is copyrighted 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 by David Fluckiger.

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